Weight loss with Hypnosis Gastric Band

If you lose weight only to pile it back on again then you are most likely frustrated and lacking motivation. It could be that you blame your genes or you are allowing yourself or others to sabotage your weight loss efforts. Maybe you find it hard to resist the temptation of fast food, chocolate, wine, or just food in general. Perhaps you feel that life is conspiring to keep you fat..

  • It certainly sounds like losing weight is hard work.
  • Can you relate to this?  Does this sound like your life right now?
  • You are not alone I can help you.
  • Now is the time to give the old behaviours the heave ho!
  • Make this the last time you lose weight.

Picture yourself saying hello to a new way and start to “LOVE YOUR NEW BODY!”

Still struggling your with weight?

Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Proves Its Worth

Gastric band a hypnotic approach is a process that concentrates on obesity. Specialist techniques, used along with hypnotherapy treatments offer a very personalised and supportive treatment. By utilising a method that places the gastric band, in a virtual way through hypnosis, expensive conventional surgery can be avoided along with the serious risks that go with it and the side effects such as nausea or vomiting, diarrhoea and acid reflux. Hypnotherapy approaches can be used to change thought processes and establish beneficial eating patterns and a healthy association with food.

Individuals are fast becoming more worried about their body weight and diet, and with so much emphasis on obesity it isn’t surprising that men and women are turning to drastic measures when many diets have failed. For anyone who is obese, the health problems that most worry them are heart failure, elevated blood pressure, diabetic issues and not being able to lead active lives.

Gastric band hypnotherapeutic approach can support men and women that want to shed weight in a safe therapeutic setting and can help to control overeating, portion size, create healthy eating patterns and encourage people to enjoy beneficial exercise. Numerous people have successfully completed hypnotherapy treatment and are now living far healthier lives minus the fear of disease; furthermore, they have also been able to make favourable changes in other areas of their lives. The NHS website states, that people that are obese may experience depression. Another benefit of gastric band hypnotherapy processes are that confidence and self-esteem are positively increased. This is because people become more physically active and successfully achieve their dreams of weight loss and improved health, which is something to be happy with. This dynamic approach of weight reduction is fast becoming a preferred choice and it is easy to understand why.

Gastric band hypnotherapy would advisable if a person had a BMI more than 25. Body Mass Index is a healthy weight calculator based upon height and weight proportions. Anyone struggling to successfully stick to a healthy way of eating and who is medically overweight would most likely gain from this supportive treatment. Cognitive behavioural therapy approaches and hypnotherapy can be used over a number of sessions so the person can enjoy the relaxing experience of being in a hypnotheraputic state, which is a natural learning state. In the final session a gastric band is placed virtually when the person is in a hypnotheraputic state. Once the treatment has had the required result, the gastric band could be virtually removed at another session and support could also be given to retain healthy eating and determination to exercise.

Gastric band hypnotherapy is comparatively harmless and a much less expensive option than actual gastric band surgery. Hypnotherapy sessions could first help to establish your overall relationship with food and eating routines, so the remaining sessions can be structured to you. The surgery will be in virtual form only, however, as it is executed under hypnotherapy the sub-conscious mind will register that the band has been fitted and change eating patterns appropriately. Your appetite is going to be naturally curtailed leading to substantial weight reduction in a short period of time.

Gastric band hypnotherapy uses methods that Hypnotherapists must have had specific training in and so it is imperative to choose one that is suitably qualified. Joanna Pemberton from Hypno With Jo has years of experience assisting clients to benefit from gastric band hypnotherapy. The effective use of gastric band hypnotheraputic processes is a daily occurrence in their practice based in Birkenhead.

Diet with hypnosis


I felt I was at an extremely low point in my life when I went to see Jo and can honestly say that after just one session I felt like a different person. There’s still work to be done but Jo has given me some great tools to use and recommended a fabulous book that has made a huge difference in my attitude to life. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jo.” Gill, Wallasey

Jo is a terrific weight loss coach. She was there when I needed support and carries on coaching me to maintain my weight loss with her motivational attitude. Jo lives her dream and shares it – always! Jo came to Body blast with me and continues the long term support.” Kerri Wirral

I was at my wit’s end with daughter’s destructive behaviour. After one intensive session with Jo she is a new person. What’s really fabulous is that she has no memory of the problem and has moved on to be the best that I know she is…..Thank you.” Collette Fry, Northop

My family have weight problems! In desperation I rang to book onto the weight loss programme to help myself & my daughter. I just wish I’d have done it sooner. This works and I would recommend it to everyone who want to make this the last time they lose weight.” Donna L, Chester


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