WEEK-END RETREAT “Escape from it all”

Escape from it all

Does the idea of a weekend in a welcoming north Wales countryside cottage learning about – and experiencing – relaxing holistic treatments appeal to you?

Located in Llanrwst, our Holistic Weekend Retreat on the 26th – 28th September will leave you feeling refreshed and inspired. There will be plenty of delicious food and good company included too to make sure your weekend away is really special.


When you arrive, you’ll meet the team (more on them later). You’ll then enjoy a leisurely evening meal while the conversation flows (as will the wine!). You will be relaxing and unwinding in no time at all.


You’ll spend the morning learning about self hypnosis, the Butterfly Effect and the Silva method.

After enjoying a healthy, locally sourced buffet lunch – and as long as the weather behaves – we will all head off for a walk in the glorious north Wales’ countryside. The area is steeped in history and offers a magical backdrop as you visit the village of Gwytherin, a resting place for the Pilgrims on their journey to Bardsey Island. You’ll visit the church of St Winifred’s, now an art centre as well as home to mythical standing stones.

You’ll round off the day with a Reiki session to completely relax your body and mind. And of course, there will be another fabulous evening meal for you to enjoy.


You’ll learn all about NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) from Paul McKenna-trained practitioners. Following a tasty buffet lunch you will find out about MBraining and Havening to deepen your Butterfly Effect.

By the end of the weekend you’ll have a renewed sense of well-being and purpose to help you get the most out of life.

The team

The weekend is led by Paul McKenna- trained hypnotherapist Joanna Pemberton along with Lyn Lowther, a hypnotherapy and NLP expert who specialises in clinical hypnotherapy and nutrition. Reiki practitioner Claire Eyres will also join us and will use her wonderful healing and transforming skills to enhance your feelings of wellbeing.

The full residential (which includes accommodation, breakfast, lunch, dinner and refreshments) is £249.00. If you prefer to arrange your accommodation independently, you can choose the non-residential option at £149.00. There is a local boutique pub offering B&B as well as space for camping and campervans. If you’d like to find out more about any aspect of the weekend do give us a call on 0783 482 9074 or email us with any questions you have. You can also visit Jo Pemberton’s Facebook page and Ebay for more information.

www.facebook.com/hypnowithjo.co.uk terrace cwm canol



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